Russia Launched Cyber Attacks Against Ukraine Before Ship Seizures, Firm Says

Defense One

Researchers claim to have uncovered Russian cyber attacks aimed at the Ukrainian military and government before and during the Sea of Azov captures.

Gamaredon, like Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear, steps up cyberattacks against Ukraine, others

SC Magazine

Russia didn’t just ratchet up its aggression toward Ukraine on the high seas last week, it also stepped cyberattacks against the country and other governments and private entities around the world.

Black Friday shaping up as an early Christmas for black hats

CISOs should remind their employees to be extra cautious when shopping online during the Black Friday-Cyber Monday shopping weekend.

Cyberattack on the Infrastructure Alarms Petraeus, Coats

White House Chronicle

There are tens of thousands of probes of U.S. infrastructure by potential enemies, known and unknown, state and non-state.

China Reportedly Launched Cyber Attacks against the U.S. Following Tariff Standoff

The Libertarian Republic

The tense fallout following President Trump’s threats to impose tariffs on Chinese made goods has allegedly led to more than just counter threats by the Chinese leadership.

Calisto variant has reemerged to threaten Mac users with backdoor access

Global Security Mag

Trojan malware is among today’s most frequently deployed cyber threats, with two of the latest variants, Quasar and Sobaken being used primarily for government and corporate espionage.

Malicious crypto-mining’s growth


Android devices are at risk of being hit by a new wave of malware attacks, including one downloadable from the Google Play Store, according to an alert from cyber security firm Stealthcare.

Jeremy Samide, Stealthcare CEO, warns Hackers target Android devices with HeroRAT malware

Enterprise Innovation

Your Android device is now being hit by a new wave of malware attacks — including one you might unsuspectingly download from the Google Play Store, reports Stealthcare in its latest “Cyber [...]

Tariff war of words with China resulting in cyberattacks against the U.S.

SC Media

Stealthcare CEO Jeremy Samide believes the trade situation has spurred China to launch cyberattacks against the United States.

Stealthcare Clients Credit Early Warning for Blocking Ransomware Attack that Shut Down Atlanta

A month before a recent cyberattack crippled Atlanta, Georgia, Stealthcare’s proprietary Threat Intelligence Platform Zero Day Live warned clients of the impending ransomware attack that locked [...]

North Korea Reportedly Using Cryptocurrencies to Fund its Nuclear Program

Crypto Core Media

Priscilla Moriuchi, a former US National Security Agency officer, recently accused the North Korean regime of using cryptocurrencies to fund its nuclear program.

North Korea may have made as much as $200 million from Bitcoin, according to expert

The Telegraph

North Korea may have raked in more than $200 million in digital cryptocurrency transactions last year, diluting the impact of stiff international sanctions over its nuclear and missiles programme.

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